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Obituary of James C. Halbert, Lincoln County, Tennessee.

James C. Halbert died at his home, in Lincoln County, Tenn., on the 23d of December, 1915, at the age of seventy-seven years. He was a lieutenant in the 41st Tennessee Regiment and was in command of his company in the battle of Franklin, where he distinguished himself as a brave soldier and humane officer. As the army was on the retreat from Tennessee he got permission to go by his home to see his wife and children. While there some of the neighbor boys who had left the army came in to see him and tried to persuade him to stay with his wife and children. Turning to his wife, Lieutenant Halbert said: "Fannie, what do you say?" Her reply was: "I love you, and we need you; but go back and stay until you can come home honorably." Lieutenant Halbert returned to his command and surrendered at Washington, Ga., in April, 1865.

This noble man and wife lived faithful Christian lives, and she preceded him to the grave just two months. It was the last couple in the county known to have married prior to the war. They were married in 1859 and had two children when he enlisted, in 1862. He was a good citizen and a true friend. Peace to his ashes!

[Tribute from T. C. Little, of Fayetteville, Tenn.]

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Veteran Magazine, February, 1916.

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