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Galt Randolph

Obituary of Dr. Francis L. Galt, Upperville, Virginia.

Dr. Francis L. Galt, who was surgeon of the Confederate cruiser Alabama during the War between the States, died at his home, Woodside, near Upperville, Va., on November 17, 1915, aged eighty-three years. Dr. Galt was also a member of Admiral Tucker's party which first explored the headwaters of the Amazon River for the Peruvian government.

Francis L. Galt was the son of Maj. John M. Galt, of the United States army and later of the Confederate army. He was born at Norfolk, Va., attended the schools of his native city, and graduated in medicine at three colleges, finishing up in New York City at the age of eighteen. He was a surgeon in the United States navy, but at the commencement of the war he offered his services to his native State and was assigned first to the Confederate ship St. Lawrence and later to the Alabama, on which ship he remained until she was sunk in the famous duel with her powerful antogonist, the United States ship Kearsarge, off Cherbourg, France.

Dr. Galt drifted back to Norfolk, taking with him, among other relics, a small piece of the Alabama. He engaged for a while in the practice of his profession and in business in Norfolk. When a French ship, Versailles, came into Hampton Roads with its crew terribly afflicted with yellow fever and without medical aid, Dr. Galt, who had much experience with the disease in different parts of the globe, at once offered his services and remained aboard the ship until the epidemic was conquered. For this heroic service he was well rewarded by the French government and was presented a beautiful gold watch, suitably engraved, by Emperor Louis Napolean. Soon after this he went to Upperville and settled down to the life of a "country doctor."

Dr. Galt was cultered and intelligent, but very modest and retiring. In his practice, extending over a long period of years, he did much charitable work, and much of the good he did will never be known. Dr. Galt married Miss Lucy Randolph, of Loudon County. He is survived by his widow, one son, and one daughter.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, March, 1916.

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