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Obituary of William T. Boyd, Covington, Tennessee.

The death of Capt. William T. Boyd at Covington, Tenn., on August 18, 1916, marked the passing of one of the landmarks of Tipton County. He was one of the oldest and best-beloved members of his community and had been prominent as a banker and fire insurance man for many years. From a tribute to Captain Boyd prepared by the late N. W. Baptist, a devoted friend, some years ago the following sketch os taken:

"William Townes Boyd was born in Mecklinburg County, Va., on the 8th of June, 1837, the oldest child of his parents, Alfred and Elizabeth Townes Boyd. His people were in affluent circumstances and gave him every advantage in education and moral training. At eighteen years of age he became a student at old Hampden Sidney College, in Prince Edward County, where he continued for two years, and then went into business with his father at Boydton, Va., at that time the largest and most extensive business in Southwest Virginia. In 1860 he was married to Miss Jennie Speed, of Granville, N. C., to whom he was ever a devoted husband.

"Captain Boyd's father and people were Whigs in politics, and he himself was opposed to the secession of Virginia and to war; but upon the passage of the ordinance he volunteered his services in the Boydton Cavalry, a crack mounted military company, which had been organized several years previously. It was composed of the best young men in Mecklinburg County, nearly all people of wealth. This company was mustered into service in May, 1861, with Thomas F. Goode as captain; George White, first lieutenant; W. T. Boyd, second lieutenant; and it was afterwards known as Company A, 3d Virginia Cavalry. From the beginning of hostilities to the surrender of General Lee no command performed more arduous duty or more valued service than Company A. Under 'Jeb' Stuart, Wickham, Rosser, and Fitzhugh Lee, it participated in the hard-fought battles and trying campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia and was distinguished in its regiment for the daring and courage of its members.

"Captain Goode was promoted in 1861 to lieutenant colonel; and upon reorganization, in 1862, he was elected colonel, Dr. W. H. Jones was then captain of Company A. When he resigned, Lieutenant White was promoted captain and Boyd to first lieutenant. White was wounded at Gettysburg, and Lieutenant Boyd was promoted to captain and commanded the company to the close. His command was disbanded at Danville, Va., after the surrender at Appomattox; and he returned to his home, in Mecklinburg County, and courageously faced the future. He revived the old business, which had been ruined by the war; but in 1869 he joined in a large business at Mason, Tenn., and had since been a resident of Tipton County. He removed to Covington in 1886 and there engaged in the banking and insurance business until his death. When his wife died, in 1878, he assumed the responsibility of rearing his eight small children alone; and as both father and mother he watched over their tender years, guiding them through the trials and temptations of immaturity until they could go out into the world as men and women fully equipped for life's battles. Six daughters and one son survive him.

"As a citizen Captain Boyd was unassuming, slavish in the performance of duty, admired and trusted by everyone. His strongest characteristics was his modesty, and he was charitable in its broadest sense, speaking no evil of any man. His life was one of spotless integrity, and he leaves to his children the heritage of a good name untarnished by an unworthy act or deed."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, November, 1916.

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